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WIP created using ArtRage 5 on a Surface Studio.

This is an idea I've been toying around with for a few months and finally got around to working on it. Earlier in the year some time was taken to focus a bit more on the oil paints and brushes in ArtRage 5. There are times I struggled with them because of how oils actually work. A testament to the high quality of ArtRage is how oils in the application work very similar to how oils work in reality and demands oil painting creative practices in order to produce great work. Many years ago when I was a teen I started learning how to paint in oils and hated it. The oils never dried and the paint wouldn't blend like I wanted it to and it was all so...oily 😆. I ended up abandoning oils at the time and sticking with watercolors for a few years. I was young, I didn't understand and lost patience.

But today is a different day and work is being completed digitally now. So I revisited the oils in ArtRage and learned a lot through the application. Although digitally painting can produce incredibly results with a lot of flexibility in application, it shouldn't replace real painting. Traditional creative knowledge is the foundation that allows digital creative projects to work. Remembering the early lessons in oil painting made it easier to grasp oil painting in ArtRage.

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