Custom Ceramic Cups from The Store

Ceramic cup featuring a portrait of my father created for his birthday, ordered from The Store.

A couple of ceramic cups ordered from The Store arrived not so long ago and I wanted to share the results here. The first features a portrait I painted for my father as a birthday present that he wanted on a cup and the second is of a street musician that I thought would also look good. It was a proud moment to be able to see the work on actual merchandise, a physical example of how the work can be applied.

I know it can be difficult at times to stay focused on developing the craft or finding moments with the feeling of great accomplishment when so many people aim negativity or doubt at creatives. Or worse, those that feel envy or jealousy and feel the need to constantly compare someone else's work to your own. A bit like, someone that's losing a fight badly so they run home to grab a friend to fight the battle for them knowing they could never win on their own. But regardless of this, it behooves us to stay focused on the positives as much as possible. Focus on what really matters, the work and the development of it, wherever that may lead.

Another ceramic cup ordered from The Store featuring a painting I completed in 2017 of a street musician.

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