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Custom theme created using Chrome Theme Creator Beta. Illustration created using Affinity Designer on a Surface Studio.

I recently created a series of custom themes for Chrome since I was roped back into using the browser because of YouTube TV. Opera was my go-to browser for a year or so because of the VPN options. Just prior to trying YouTube TV, I noticed the Opera VPN was routing my web traffic through servers in the Ukraine even if I set the VPN to use North American as my location. Not cool.

So, in being led back to Chrome, I proceeded to spruce it up a bit using Theme Beta. Just as the name suggests, the creator isn't a full fledged creative tool and feels wonky as the Beta designation would suggest. But with a bit of patience, some good results can be had for those that want custom Chrome (or Windows) themes but don't want to write code to get them. Themes can be created for Windows as is shown in the screen grabs but I'm not sure why this would preferred over creating custom themes within Windows 10. The tools are much easier to use and straight forward for Windows 10 customization. If a person is looking for themes and still using Windows 7 or XP, well, I got nuthin' for ya. For anyone interested in creating their own themes or using themes from the thousands currently available, go here...


The Heights created using Sketchbook Pro 7 on a SurfaceBook/Surface Studio.

Visvamitrasana created using Rebelle 2 on a Surface Studio.

Sleeping (safer for work version) created using Rebelle on a Surface Studio.

The Mistress created using Rebelle 3 on a SurfaceBook 2/Surface Studio.

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