Custom Color Palettes for Affinity Applications

Sample image with COPIC Design palette for Affinity Applications

I'm still currently in the second beta for Affinity Publisher and still loving the application. I'm so close to uninstalling QuarkXpress and never looking back that it's making me moist. It's awesome that Quark doesn't support a rip-off subscription model but to this day it STILL isn't optimized for Surface devices. Disappointment doesn't even begin to express it, as Quark is potentially as good if not better in some ways than Adobe Indesign. The history behind those two applications isn't without a sense of irony, but I digress.

While enjoying the beta of Affinity Publisher, I needed the COPIC palettes from Sketchbook Pro 7/Sketchbook Mobile for a couple of projects. To my knowledge there isn't a way to directly import those palettes into a Affinity project, so I took a few hours and rebuilt the COPIC palettes to be used in all Affinity applications. This was completed using the desktop versions of Affinity applications on Windows 10. I'd hope they can also be used for the iPad versions but I can't confirm this. For anyone interested, the palettes can be downloaded from my shared folder on Google Drive...

Affinity Custom Palettes

COPIC Design Palette in Affinity Publisher.

COPIC Illustration palette in Affinity Publisher.

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