Digital Republic - Heroes - Sketchbook Mobile on SurfaceBook 2

Final version of the recent project. Effort was made to give it a animation cell quality.

On the 18th of May I attended ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics Creation) at Temple University. I met a lot of talented people and spent a lot of time talking about comics, creative techniques and current trends. It was inspiring as it's not everyday that a venue features Black artists and their creations. This project began weeks before the convention but the inspiration behind it are shared with the ECBACC focus, comic stories about Black characters because I'm not White. My heroes aren't White. The real life inspirations that have pushed me to do what I do aren't White.

With this project, there was a lot of focus on creating a color scheme that leans more toward a animation cell look. Sketchbook Mobile was the application chosen for the task because it's very good at achieving really clean art with great use of color. Ironically, in focusing on Sketchbook Mobile, the project proved why Sketchbook Pro 7 is still the better version overall.

Cleaned up version of the original sketches of the heroes.

Too many mobile apps are developed in such a way to simplify their functionality to such a degree that basic common sense functions are usually missing. Sketchbook Mobile is no different. Although the tool sets and brushes are really good, the cropping tool was removed, it's not possible to change DPI or canvas dimensions after a project has been started, the transformation tools have been downgraded forcing touch screen use as opposed to the puck (featured in Sketchbook Pro 7 and prior versions) which is much more precise. Sketchbook Mobile is also not stable. Using the color picker can cause the application to glitch removing all toolbars with no way to recover them unless the user restarts the app. Sketchbook Mobile also crashes when switching between applications which seems like a RAM usage problem. Ironic considering I'm using it on two Surface devices, one with 32GBs of RAM and the other with 16GBs of RAM. Sketchbook Mobile behaves exactly like what it is, a mobile app. A watered down, unstable version of Sketchbook Pro 7. I was still excited for it because of the new brushes but that excited dwindled over time. Going forward, Sketchbook Pro 7 will be the focus of similar projects.

WIP rough sketch

These are some of the rough sketches created in Sketchbook Mobile in the early part of the creative process. Although Sketchbook Mobile isn't as good as it could be, it is still very good when it comes to creating rough sketches and cleaning up those sketches. Sketchbook Pro 7 is great in this regard too but there are a lot more brushes available in Sketchbook Mobile. Stability is king though as well as the support of desktop class features. It may be more prudent to use version 7 for rough sketches and clean up but use Clip Studio EX for color rendering.

This is the first sketch for the project.

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