Digital Republic - Heroes, Sketchbook Pro, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, Rebelle 3

Digital Republic cover created using Sketchbook Pro Mobile, Sketchbook Pro 7, Rebelle 3, Affinity Publisher Beta and Affinity Designer on a SurfaceBook 2.

Based on another project, I took this particular character to create a Digital Republic cover. Initially the idea was to experiment with colors in Rebelle 3 using watercolors. but as time went on, it went farther than anticipated. Sketchbook Pro Mobile has watercolor brushes but as mentioned in earlier posts, Rebelle's watercolors actually react closer to the real thing whereas Sketchbook Pro's watercolors do not.

Affinity Publisher Beta has been in the usage rotation a lot over the last few weeks due to the ongoing beta. It's really good, I really like it, this can't be stressed enough. Being a beta of course there are rough edges but it's already proven its mettle for my needs. Anything Affinity Publisher was lacking, I was able to make up for with Affinity Designer. I'm currently rebuilding my font library so the selection of fonts aren't the best at the moment. I experimented with what I currently have. The up side is I have fonts on an old computer that I can dig up but that's going to be a bit of an ordeal because of what has to be done to actually dig out that old rig. In the meantime, I'm still having fun experimenting with what's there. Skyfonts/Google fonts are okay, but the best fonts Skyfonts has to offer require a subscription. I won't support Adobe because of that nonsense and Skyfonts/ doesn't get a pass on that either. I never thought I'd see the day when actually purchasing goods/services outright would be viewed as a negative so that firms can opt for subscriptions. Constantly paying into the coffers even if the services aren't being used only to be locked out of your work if you stop paying. Suckage, but I digress.

This image is part of a much larger project that's going to take more time to finish. But it was fun to experiment with this particular character.

Sketch Sessions. Earlier version of the featured character created using Sketchbook Pro Mobile on a SurfaceBook 2.

Initial rough sketch of the character.

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