Fuck it Fridays (Because Throwback Thursdays didn't happen)

WIP portrait created using ArtRage 5 on a Surface Studio.

I met a woman a few years ago while in an art community who really caught my eye. She has a striking look that reminds me of someone from the 1940s. We liked each others work and she agreed to be the subject of a series. A lot of anticipation was present to get started because it's sometimes hard for me to find inspiration from actual people, so when inspiration does happen it's definitely appreciated. Sometimes this is why characters and comic stuff can be a viable alternative if no inspiration is present to paint/draw real people.

This series is ongoing but currently paused, I'm testing out new techniques before progressing forward. ArtRage was chosen for this entry because of its high quality oil brush tools and canvas types. It can be difficult to use at times but with patience and care, incredible results are possible. ArtRage will always be a part of my toolkit (provided it doesn't go subscription based) as it was money well spent.

Color version, completed earlier today (82418).

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