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Part of a freelance project, this was originally sketched using ArtFlow on a Nexus 9. It was finalized using Affinity Designer on a Surface Studio.

This icon was created as part of a series for a freelance assignment. Unfortunately the icons went unused in a freelance experience that can be best described as, suspect.

Recently this was updated in Affinity Designer for portfolio purposes and as a way to test some other features of the application.

Versatility is good. But versatility is dependent upon understanding good process with the willingness to build upon that process. You'd be amazed at how many people totally miss that point. Being able to create different styles of work at high quality isn't magic or some kind of technological alchemy where the computer does all the work for you. If this were true a large portion of artwork shared on social media would be a lot better than it is. It's about creative process as even digital skills are based on knowledge, traditional skills and creative process. Emphasis on CREATE.

I always find it ironic when a firm has a laundry list of skill requirements for potential applicants to be able to design anything and everything, illustrate, code, have the ability to use a smörgåsbord of software packages but their company portfolio has heavy use of clip art and stock photos. Their website is built from a pre-designed template with little to no UI edits that looks and functions just like hundreds of other company websites that are using the exact same pre-designed templates. But they want you to actually CREATE even though the company's own website and portfolio shows that they are not creating. More like, regurgitating.

Words to live by...

Never ask anyone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

Serve by example.

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