Knight Sabers Final - Affinity Designer and ArtRage 6 on a SurfaceBook 2

Knight Sabers vector final.

I finally finished this project earlier today. This was fun to work on inspired by my love for the original Bubblegum Crisis OVA. The project started as a really rough sketch in ArtRage 6. I wanted to use ArtRage 6 more because the latest version is really good but I'd been neglecting it for a bit. Without over thinking it, loose pose sketches were created and then Knight Saber references were loaded up to add details for the hardsuits they wear. Sylia was created last for the background.

Vector line art view.

Once the drawings were done, I exported them to Affinity Designer and set about creating vectors versions of them. Technically I could have created the sketches using the Affinity Designer Pixel Persona which is a bitmap editor and creation platform within the vector application. As mentioned in previous blog posts, Affinity Designer doesn't support touch screen rotation which sucks hard. Instead of struggling in Affinity Designer when touch screen rotation was needed (which is all the time), drawing in ArtRage 6 made more sense especially considering it's simply better for drawing/sketching/digital painting.

Cleaned up sketches created using ArtRage 6.

Once the vector line are was completed, adding colors, shadows and highlights became a trivial matter and really flexible for experimentation. At some point a color rendered version may be created using ArtRage 6 but due to the look of manga and anime, I thought vectors would be a better fit for this initial version.

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