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Final vector art version created using Affinity Designer on a Surface Studio. Based on a project that started as a ArtFlow sketch on a Nexus 7.

This is a project that depicts a scene from a short story idea. It was originally started using ArtFlow for Android on a Nexus 7 tablet using a Wacom Bamboo stylus. A few different versions of this were created but ultimately, the vector version is the definitive version because it best captures the idea behind the scene. "Life" also serves as another example as to why I prefer to work with a sketch created either traditionally or created using a raster application (Rebelle, Sketchbook pro, ArtRage, Clip Studio EX etc) as a basis for more detailed vector creations. As mentioned in a previous post, attempting to sketch, clean up and finalize more detailed work in a vector application can be annoying due to how vector graphics work. Sketching in a vector application is almost never 1-to-1 accurate from my experience so references and tracing are a must or it forces a very meticulous, slow process to get anything highly detailed done. Either that or work with very simplistic shapes and designs.

With all that being said, score another one for Affinity Designer because it performed beautifully while creating this. The goal with the latest vector series is to create original, unique work using Affinity Designer as opposed to creating simplistic vector designs that are very popular. Although those simple designs are featured throughout many sites and mobile applications, they are also very easy to create providing no artist challenge. If we're not challenging ourselves then we're not learning anything causing our skills to stagnate and ultimately deteriorate.

WIP version created using ArtFlow on a Nexus 7.

Earlier WIP sketch created using ArtFlow on a Nexus 7.

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