Music Final - ArtRage 6 and Affinity Designer on a SurfaceBook 2

This version of the project is done as work continues on the vector version using Affinity Designer. It is inspired by the times, as the chaos of the world continues and the US falls to collapse thanks to the current administration, you have to find your peace wherever you can. Most times, music works for me and is a much better alternative than alcohol, drugs or whatever other destructive escapism is the flavor of the month.

A few people I've known over the years influenced the outcome of this project. A person I knew in college does her best thinking when she's naked after a shower. I didn't want the focus of this to be nudity so I compromised making the woman topless instead. Another influence is a woman I met some time ago that kept a huge well groomed afro and had strong opinions about Black people, politics and America in general. Sista Soldier of the current times indeed. I hope she's okay wherever she ended up but I'll never forget her. She was a rare voice of reason at a time when far too many people were happy to stick their heads in the sand (similar to today).

The piercings were inspired by someone I originally met a few years ago. She had piercings just above her breasts, as well as piercings on her nipples, clitoris and tongue as well as a smorgasbord of elaborate tattoos all over her body. She is definitely a character. I opted to not add tattoos for this project due to the color design of the tights. Two areas of intense color design so close together runs the risk of becoming overwhelming if done incorrectly. Sometimes, simple (or simpler) is best.

The bracelet is inspired by a classmate from elementary school that I saw some time ago who would wear such an item. "Unapologetically kinky" describes her through and through. The icons on the sneakers are inspired by the annoying habit of American television and film to constantly push Black/White interracial couples as if Black couples are somehow a negative. Of course, this stems from the centuries old American belief that Black people in general are a negative but that's a discussion for a different day.

The lyrics are from "Slaughterhouse" by Masta Ace, one of my favorite songs and performers from my college days.

A grey scale version was created as a means to experiment with the tone of the colors on a separate layer and give an idea of what to do with the lighting. When it comes to blending colors, Artrage is good but Rebelle 3 is a much more straight forward and intuitive way to accomplish this catering to its digital environment. ArtRage follows a more traditional method based on the tools utilized. There are more steps and consideration needed to effectively blend colors in Artrage but the results can be just as good as Rebelle 3 with a unique feel of its own. Tube paint and the Palette Knife were used to color render this project. But some people cheat a bit and use the airbrush tool or other methods to blend colors because they don't know how to get the desired results using oil paints, tube paints or the palette knife. ArtRage also features a selection of blender brushes as well but again, these particular brushes don't quite work as straight forward as some would assume requiring more thought and consideration to get them to work effectively.

This is the original line art that started as a quickie sketch in ArtRage 6 during a sketch session that was later cleaned up. This was fun to work on and ArtRage 6 is one of my favorite creative applications in the tool kit. As you can see there were many inspirations that went into this project that helps in the mastering of the craft.

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