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I'm currently on the mend from the flu. I was trying to get myself together for an important call due today and decided to work on these mock ups to get my mind off of the illness (it only partially worked). Inspired by a long term problem with Nintendo's Switch that is currently under discussion (again) at a couple of gaming blogs I frequent. Basically, the front end sucks. Badly. Two key elements that fans have been asking for since the device launched has been folder support and themes. So far, Nintendo has ignored fans. No one knows why considering Nintendo's previous portable, the 3DS had a good amount of themes and UI customization options.

Keeping it simple (trying not to push my luck considering I'm still on the mend) I just created some simple ideas on what a Switch with a custom wallpaper, folder support and a better avatars could look like. This was all put together using Affinity Designer on a Surface Studio.

The image above is the dark theme for an actual Switch. The large icons are over bearing which leads to what was accurately described as a trash bin that houses the remainder of the titles that won't fit on the horizontal row.

When I'm feeling better, I may take these a bit further but I wanted to at least post this before I make some more tea, get back under the blanket for a bit and hope this bloody illness would go away.

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