Pew Pew Spies - Sketchbook Pro 7/Sketchbook Mobile - SurfaceBook

Originally sketched on using Sketchbook Pro on a Nexus 7, this version was upscaled and color rendered using Sketchbook Pro 7 and SketchBook Mobile on a SurfaceBook.

After using Affinity Designer for the last two weeks, Sketchbook Pro 7 on the OG SurfaceBook was pulled out to complete this project. The original sketch was set at a undesirable resolution of 2560x1600. The current version was upscaled to 3000x4000 with a bit of clean up to eliminate various artifacts and blurry elements from the original resolution. Affinity Designer could have been used to complete this and would have granted various benefits such as even cleaner lines and better color control but the work would have taken much longer to complete.

One annoyance in Sketchbook Pro 7 that is unavoidable is the lack of a Pen mode. For those not in the know, pen mode is when only the Surface Pen will create marks on the canvas as opposed all touches causing marks on the canvas. Pen mode prevents stray marks when touching the canvas to pan, rotate or zoom, which can wreck a layer under some circumstances. Because of the lack of a Pen mode in Sketchbook Pro 7, work was switched to Sketchbook Pro Mobile 3/4 of the way through because it supports Pen mode. I would have switched sooner but Sketchbook Pro Mobile wasn't on the taskbar but in the Start Menu on the OG SurfaceBook which I didn't realize until much later in the creative process.

The beauty of having a creative toolkit at your disposal regardless of platform be it Surface/Windows 2-in-1 devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad or Wacom is that there are options as to how to approach a project. There isn't one application available that can cover every creative need under the sun which is why it's better to have a selection. Even Photoshop doesn't cover every base which is why applications like Clip Studio, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro and Procreate are viable alternatives for a number of projects.

Sometimes, talking to people from various offices, it wouldn't be a stretch for the uninitiated to assume Adobe Creative applications are the ONLY applications capable of content creation. This is why it's not a good idea to create in a bubble. It's stifling, it's counter productive and it caters to ignorance. Do yourself a solid and actually research other creative tools available because they are some fantastic options out in the wilds that are worthy and thank goodness. A homogenized world is not one worth creating in.

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