Quickie Collaboration - Affinity Publisher. Also - Poser Exposed, Don't Be That Person.

The poem is from a friend of mine, Christina, the illustration/background I put together one night while we were talking on the phone.

I recently reconnected with a friend from many years ago who has a gift for poetry. During a conversation a few nights ago, I pulled up the poem you see above. She'd sent it to me many years ago. Spur of the moment, during the conversation, I put together the background using Affinity Publisher. My initial plan was to use her photo instead of the Shon Tenaj #3 drawing (creating using ArtRage 5 on a Surface) but I didn't have a photo of her that fit the background idea so I ran with what I had. This was fun to put together and it gave me another opportunity to use Affinity Publisher, which I continue to learn and use to much delight each time I need it.

This quickie project also made me think of a lesson learned many years ago that seems to be creeping up a lot lately.

"We can do anything provided we have a good process in place." - Robert McGovern

I'll never forget this. Mr. McGovern was an instructor I had while attending University of the Arts. He was one of the best I had and almost made the ridiculous tuition rate worth it. The key point that the quote leads to is, we have to be willing to do the work. A good process is great to have but I am constantly reminded of how too many people want a great process with excellent results but refuse to do the work that developing the process requires.

Art creation can be a lot of really hard work. Mastery of a chosen craft requires a lot of dedication, discipline, sacrifice and focus. There are people that would like to have the accolades of being a dedicated creative but have no desire to dedicate themselves to a craft. We can't have it both ways but damn if we don't try. This situation becomes worse when these types make comparisons between themselves to other artists that ARE dedicated to their craft. People who have strong creative acumen and a body of work to prove it. It becomes a case of Poser Exposed also known as a bullshit artist and this is where the drama really begins.

I've seen this so many times recently at art galleries, even in corporate offices, it never ceases to be disappointing. Expected, but still disappointing. A person finds themselves in a cushy office position through a series of circumstances and lucky breaks. The position pays really well even though the person is not particularly good at the job. But due to various favorable circumstances, they're not fired. Over time the person gets a chip on their shoulder reveling in the position and the title that comes with it. Due to that title, the assumption locks in among others that the person MUST know what they're doing because why else would they have the title and the position in the office? Similar to...becoming President of the United States even though you have absolutely no experience in public office and a horribly suspect, some might even say criminal, record as a "businessman." The farce runs for a time but then it happens. Karma happens.

A person walks through the door that actually knows how to do the job with such a high level of skill that the poser feels threatened. Problems. In order to maintain appearances, this new person has to be removed quickly. Reach into the grab bag of ill behavior and whatever you find has applied in one case or another. Racism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia or even more deviously manufactured nonsense to either get the person fired or turned away before they're even hired. All in an effort to protect the poser's position. Ever notice how a former employee is blamed for all kinds of events in an office even if the former employee wasn't there when the bad things occurred? In many cases the person slinging the accusations is a suspect employee in an attempt to strengthen their own weak position after being exposed as the hack they truly are (Also see: "It's Obama's fault!" under 2017 - 2019 American excuses for political incompetence.)

Worse example, when people will blatantly ignore facts and truth even when they're staring them in the face because those facts and truths do not support their agenda. It's a sad state of affairs but this is the era we unfortunately live in. Too many people in many industries get over without having the knowledge or the skill their title demands. Art creation is not exempt from this. What is an artist supposed to do in the face of such a negative period in history?

Continue creating. Continue to strive for the next plateau. Improve, learn more, do more or choose not to. Strive to master the craft or give up/give in. It really is that simple. But we should be honest with ourselves and the public regardless of what decision is made. We can't have it both ways. Demanding the accolades for being accomplished but having absolutely no desire to do the actual work accomplishment demands.

Don't be that person.

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