Sketch Sessions 03022020 - Rebelle 3

This drawing started during a Sketch Session was created using a method that doesn't involve actual drawing. Lines were scribbled on a canvas the image you see above was blended and smudged into what you see here. It's an interesting way to work and makes experimentation a lot easier in some key ways. Using this method, erasing mistakes isn't the best way of making corrections. Blending and smudging the errors until they're a better look for the piece is the way to go. Initially I was going to do this in ArtRage 6 since that's been the bee's knee for the last few weeks, but blending pencil lines doesn't work as well in ArtRage 6 when compared to the results in Rebelle 3. Yet another example of what it's best to have both applications as opposed to just one.

The characters presented here aren't random either. They're for a short story I've had in mind for some time. I'll speak more on that concept at a later date.

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