Sketch Sessions 1112020 - ArtRage 6 on a SurfaceBook 2

This started as a rough sketch earlier this week while dealing with the flu. Some time was taken over the last day or so to add some details. I have no idea where this is going or if it will ever be completed. In short, I'm taking it day by day.

I used ArtRage 6 for this as the application is really good but I'd been neglecting it over the last couple of months. The pencils are of very high quality and the application easily keeps up with my faster strokes even at 300+ DPI on canvas that ranges from 9x12 to 18x24 on the SurfaceBook 2.

#UBivTnomal #ArtRage6 #SurfaceBook2 #Crosshatching #FacetDrawing #DigitalArt

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