Sketch Sessions 111518 - 111818

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Sketch Sessions portrait, blending technique.

This is a portrait of someone I met recently. She is very attractive but it was her hair that really caught my attention. She has really long locks that are well groomed. Ironically, as much as I really like her locks, that was the biggest challenge. There was so much information and detail present in drawing the locks that at times it was overwhelming.

The blending technique is still on tap as the cross hatching and facet drawing technique is still in retirement for the time being. Eventually I'd like to combine the two techniques or push the blending technique to the extent that it looks like paint instead of pencil. Striving for the next plateau, a constant road to walk in an effort to constantly learn and improve. Unfortunately, that dedication is not always popular, especially in corporate offices.

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