Sketch Sessions 1419-1719

Sketch Sessions: The look of 10 Inches of Apprehension

Although this is the first post of 2019, this drawing isn't the first of 2019. The first project of the year was created for a specific audience and it's totally NSFW. I may post it here at some later date whenever I created a separate area for that type of work.

This project was created for more blending practice with a focus on hot press paper for smoother results. I was also inspired by her eyes and facial expression. Various pencils were used (3H, B, F) as well as a bit of charcoal and a hard blender with high pressure as opposed to a smoother, softer blender. A lot of time was taken working on the skin tones, working on dark paper, adding light. I like the contrast of it and even though more light could have been added in key areas, I like the look of this as is.

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