Sketch Sessions 192020 - Vector Sketches in Affinity Designer

This started as a sketch in the Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer. A few minutes, really loose just to get the idea down. Affinity Designer is really good for this but even now, early 2020 it's the lack of touch screen rotation that still sucks most. Even in working with something as simple as this idea is hindered as a result. Due to the fact that the rotation options that are present are so slow and clumsy (selecting a menu option to rotate the canvas in 15 degree increments) work flow slows to a crawl when the need to rotate the canvas arises. Some would ask, "Why would you need to rotate the canvas to begin with?"


Because drawing on an angle for various sections makes it incredibly easy to draw fast, clean, steady lines giving the work a more professional look. Some people rely too much on a stabilizer for this. I'm not a fan of stabilizers when allowing for touch screen rotation renders them moot for my needs. Maybe later this year Serif will finally add the feature and get with the competition. Affinity Designer supports some good bitmap brushes in the Pixel Persona that are truly capable but as long as we can't use touch to rotate the canvas, those tools can never ultimately compete against the likes of Rebelle 3, ArtRage 6, Clip Studio EX and others because those applications support full touch navigation with no compromises and have done so for years.

I do like the look and feel of Affinity Designer's pencil tools though.

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