Sketch Sessions 892018 - Krita

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Quickie sketches created using Krita on a Surface Studio.

Earlier today, I took a bit of time to test out Krita, just some quickie sketches, nothing extravagant. Krita has been a sore spot for me in the past because I loved the potential of it but it was lacking in too many key aspects for my needs. After testing Krita out a few months ago, I was disappointed that the application still didn't support full touch navigation. Touch rotation of the canvas was not supported which flat out sucks in 2018. Full touch navigation was a thing 10 years ago on the OG iPhone. Pressure sensitivity also didn't work. The quality of the brush engine was behind the competition and I am generally not a fan of the UI as it feels like the left side tool bar is where the brushes/pencil menu should be and vice versa (yes customization of the UI is available but there are other niggles).

The positives of Krita are many. Krita offers image processing, digital painting and sketching, vector art creation and 2D animation all in one package. It's ambitious for sure made better because it's free. Krita has a dedicated userbase and although I've had problems with it in the past (and currently) I understand where they're coming from to an extent. During today's sketch session, I decided to give Krita a go since it's been months since I tried it last and it has been updated since then. I was pleasantly surprised. The brush engine worked and worked really well. Pressure sensitivity worked really well, but touch canvas rotation is still missing 🤬. The UI I can get by with after some customization tweaks but I'm still not feeling how the brush presets are displayed. I can't glance over, know what I'm looking at and select it. Too many times I have to wait until the description sub window appears to know what I'm looking at. Not cool. Having the actual name or some kind of sensible abbreviation with the icon would work much better I think.

Regardless of this and the lack of touch rotation, Krita is being added to the toolkit to see how far it can go in its current state. If anyone is inclined and haven't done so in a while or at all, give Krita a try. It's a bit rough around the edges but has a lot to offer and it's free.

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