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Sketch Sessions 81418 created on a Surface Studio - Still testing Krita version 4.1.1 with a series of quickie sketches and drawings. I absolutely love the brush engine powering this. Yes, I've mentioned it before but it's really awesome.

This started out as a quickie sketch but it was decided to push it a bit further. Eventually this will be rendered out to test the painting tools in Krita. Earlier versions of the software ranged from "okay" in terms of digital painting to "damn, that sucks." But I have hope for great things with the latest version. Some time was also taken to reconfigure the UI layout a little because the default setup was annoying me to no end. I have to dig into it some more later to get more familiar with where everything is but right now, in terms of the UI, it's baby steps.

Nothing much to add here that hasn't been said in the previous Krita post. The only other thing I changed today was I needed an adjustment to the pressure sensitivity due to a different pencil I was trying out. I cannot stress it enough, the brush engine in Krita 4.1.1 at least in regards to drawing with the various pencils, are easily as good as Sketchbook Pro, Clip Studio EX, Rebelle and ArtRage, some of the best creative applications around. What about Photoshop? Well, until Adobe ends the evil practice of leasing software, Adobe products are banned from every computer I own. The only time I use Adobe products are when I'm paid to use them but for my own projects, never. Anyways, time for a break from this project for the time being but Krita impresses me more and more each time I use it. It was a good time working on this.

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