Sketch Sessions: WIP Update

Created using Affinity Designer on a Surface Studio.

Update to the latest vector based WIP.

For presentation purposes I could actually call this done but my original idea for the background didn't quite work as well as anticipated so the project is still in "Work In Progress" status. A short break will be taken from it to get some thoughts together on how to proceed with a background. The original sketch was created using Sketchbook Ink on a Nexus 7 (2013 version). I really liked Sketchbook Ink overall because it did allow for vector graphics creation on Android devices but it was very limited, performance was slow and the app didn't support vector output for creations. It was fun to dabble with but not an app I could ever truly take seriously. There are other vector creation apps for Android that are more robust such as Infinite Design , Skedio or even Adobe Illustrator Draw but there are deal breaker issues with each of those apps.

Original design created using Sketchbook Ink for Android on a Nexus 7 (2013 version) with a Wacom Bamboo stylus.

Infinite Design has always shown potential but for the life of me, it was never stable. It crashed constantly to the extent that I gave up on Infinite apps entirely. Skedio also had potential but the tools didn't function as well as expected. It also had performance problems I couldn't ignore such as lag and it too crashed a bit but not as bad as Infinite. Adobe Illustrator Draw is, well, Adobe Illustrator for mobile but has the same annoying requirements as Adobe's first generation of creative mobile apps (see: Adobe Proto, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler etc). Users can't finalize and output finished creations unless first connecting to the Creative Cloud and transferring the design to full desktop Illustrator or Photoshop. This wouldn't be so bad if Adobe's desktop applications were actually for sale. But since they're subscription based only, that's a deal breaker which resulted in a ban from every computer I own. This is why so many people are cheering and supporting Serif and their creative applications as viable alternatives to subscription based Adobe offerings that just happened to be really powerful, lightweight on system resources and available for purchase at reasonable prices. I'm counting the days waiting for Affinity Publisher to debut so Quark 2017 can possibly be retired but I digress.

The current WIP wasn't difficult to complete as the tools in Affinity Designer work as expected and supports the Surface Pen. Sketching intricate details is a smooth, intuitive experience and applying pressure to strokes, applying texture and different painting effects are all also very easy to do. This is also the reason why the original background was scrapped. It wasn't bad, but Affinity is capable of much more as the combination of sketching, manipulating nodes and curves works incredibly well with the Surface Pen. Now that Affinity Designer is available for the iPad, it changes the game again. Unfortunately, no news of an Android version but considering Google doesn't seem to care about artistic creation using Android devices. I'm not surprised and don't care at this point since I'm in Surface land and the grass is definitely greener.

Well, on to the next project...

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