Tasha - Color Render 11719

Rendered version of a portrait of Tasha, that started on a Nexus 9 but was color rendered on a SurfaceBook 2.

This brought back some memories. Tasha is a former muse during a time when new techniques were being learned and combined with old techniques. The best project created of her is the original drawing of this project, posted below.

Original "Tasha" drawing created on a Nexus 9 Android tablet.

A lot of love went into this and a lot of time. There was some worry of the colors not working due to the use of lines in the drawing and how they would appear but it worked out really well. The drawing was created using ArtFlow for Android which doesn't support native canvas and paper types. But the line work gives a nice texture especially when combined with the colors. I'm happy with how it turned out. Not so sure if Tasha cares for it though...😔

This reminds me of a good rule of thumb. It's never a good idea to base one's dedication to a craft solely on the attention given by the masses or even close associates. It's too easy to abandon potential if a person's only sense of worth is the attention given them by the masses. YOU should be the fuel that drives the creative machine, as opposed to attention seeking of people that don't care to begin with. When I was a kid my father used to tell me "Surround yourself with people of like mind" which is another way to say "spend time with people you have much in common." It can be disheartening when you strive in your chosen field but those around you have no idea where you're coming from, don't care to know and attempt to push you away from your goals. Mediocrity has become fashionable because mastery is viewed as too hard to obtain for those that are lazy. When people/places/offices are filled with those that hustle instead of actually working it becomes easier to criticize and eventually hate those that actually are qualified and have the skills to excel. Such as a group that states they don't like you for the simple reason that your work is better than their work. That's the negative example of "like minded people."

In this age of social media, too many people have compounded the horrible habit of basing their opinion on what their friend/friends' opinion happens to be at the moment. The sheep mentality as it's called which is almost never in your best interest. *Which is why I generally don't trust anyone that hangs on the opinion of their so called friends, refusing to think for themselves, topic for another day. Another aspect of this are those that feel the need to dictate to other people what their preferences should be. The asshole syndrome. "I am COMPELLED to tell you what you should be doing even if I have no idea of the details or circumstances."

This is why it's important to find people of like mind. Nothing is guaranteed but it increases the chances of finding those that understand and you can share a mutual appreciation for one another and the personal talents being developed. Co-dependency isn't what's being described but it's co-dependency that causes the sheep mentality and the asshole syndrome. To respect what another creative knows shows a level of compassion and consideration that is lacking in the current era.


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