The Swordsman WIP, Take #2

The first attempt at digitally painting this image didn't turn out as planned. Using a different approach and a better color palette this version is working out much better. The original idea for the background didn't work though but the lighting was kept to see if something else could be managed. All of the painting work was completed using Rebelle 3 on a SurfaceBook 2 with acrylic paints on a textured canvas. It's fun stuff. The original drawing is from a very old sketchbook I still have lying around.

The Swordsman is part of a fantasy story that I'd love to see fully produced as a comic or animation one day. Maybe even as a co-op video game. These ideas are a massive undertaking though and without help, it's almost impossible to pull off. In the meantime, projects like this help flesh out ideas and such. It's tough work especially when working as a solo act but still a lot of fun.

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