Throwback Thursdays - By the Fountain - Rebelle

By the Fountain, created using Rebelle on a Surface Pro 3 during a time when Rebelle was new to me and getting accustomed to digital watercolors.

"By the Fountain" was created using the original release of Rebelle. Version 1.x is rough around the edges but I was loving the potential and a lot of experimentation was done to learn how to better use the application. I learned to paint in watercolor many years ago but had fallen out of the practice after working in corporate which isn't always a positive place to hone creative skills. Quite the contrary. Churning out clip art infested, regurgitated work advertised as great design in office settings led to the desire to do better, the desire to do more, to create more interesting work. Learning of Rebelle from a great artist on Google +, Andrew Easter, I tried the Rebelle demo and loved it for how it handles digital representations of traditional tools and mediums. Mediums in Rebelle react more realistically than many popular applications of the era.

I still use Rebelle from time to time today which is currently on version 3.x. It's still one of the absolute best digital applications representing tradition mediums one could buy today. That says a lot in a world where Photoshop exists but I'd rather use Rebelle than Photoshop and often do. Yes, it's still rough around the edges but Rebelle today is far better than the version 1 series of years ago.

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