Throwback Thursdays - Unlocked Rebelle -

Unlocked. Created using Rebelle on a SurfaceBook.

This is a portrait of someone I met some years ago, based on a time after she unlocked her hair. Usually, locks have to be cut from my understanding but she sat and untwisted each one. A tedious process I'm sure. There is an entire series based on her due to the inspiring features of her form and the ability to make excellent facial expressions from subtle to extreme. Unfortunately, she moved away a few years back which put the kibosh on the series, but it was fun while it lasted.

Rebelle's watercolor brushes were used for this project during a time when I was still experimenting with the application to see how far it could go. A lot of that experimentation was based on trying different levels of water usage (wet canvas vs. dry canvas - wet brush vs. dry brush), various load settings, pressure settings and canvas types. One of the great things about Rebelle is that all of these factors matter similar to real life counterparts which isn't the case when using watercolor brushes in other applications such Clip Studio or ArtRage.

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