Throwback Thursdays - Sketch Sessions Portrait Practice

Sketch Sessions portrait practice completed using Rebelle.

This portrait was sketched using a similar technique as the Sleeping #2 project. But it was color rendered using a similar technique as the Sketch Sessions: Krita Experimentation project posted a couple of weeks ago. Key differences are the sketch was completed on black canvas, drawing with light pencils and Clip Studio Ex was used for that phase. The colors were applied using Rebelle, adding a layer over the original sketch and then painting it on a slightly different canvas. It's a fun technique to use and experiment with but can be really time consuming because of the sketch phase. The drawing is completed using the cross hatching/facets technique also mentioned in the previous post, requiring a very high amount of sketch lines to create forms. No smearing or smudging of lines at all. But the texture that's created by using this technique reveals a depth that I've always liked and the technique itself teaches a lot of patience and control. Sometimes, when working on new projects there can be a nagging pressure to "get it done, get it done, get it done." Some projects simply need more time and care to fulfill their potential and there isn't any way around that.

Sketch Sessions portrait practice created in Clip Studio Ex.

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