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This is a brief example that shows the basic transition from sketch to final product with the Flame Dragon you see above. That version of the dragon was created using Affinity Designer. Initially, a vector version was created using Inkscape but exporting that version to Affinity proved to be problematic. As a .SVG export Affinity will read the file but editing it is a very slow process due to how the points are all grouped together. As a result, editing is harder and more time consuming than it needed to be. So I recreated a portion of the dragon in Affinity Designer for the cover you see above.

The Inkscape version of the dragon imported into Affinity Designer.

Outline version of the dragon recreated in Affinity Designer.

The original sketch below was created using ArtFlow on a Nexus 9 tablet, with a Wacom Bamboo stylus.

Rough sketch of the dragon.

The sketch was really fast and loose just to get the basic idea down. After this was done, much more time was spent cleaning it up which lead to the results you see below.

Cleaned up line art of the dragon.

The scales were a total pain in the ass to complete but worth it when it was all said and done. They were drawn by hand. No shortcuts, no cheating. Each scale was individually drawn. As you can see, it's possible to get really clean, high quality results in ArtFlow. I loved that app during the years I created using Android tablets, prior to getting my first Surface. Speaking of Surface...

Final bitmapped render.

This image you see above is the final of the bitmap version of the dragon. The cleaned up line art was imported into Rebelle 3 and color rendered using acrylic and watercolor brushes on a Surface Studio.

I try to incorporate drawings or sketches into vector art creation (in all digital art in general) because following popular trends tend to lead to too many shortcuts, cheats and basically just tracing someone else's work or using programs to make up for a lack of talent. It also helps to create something that's unique as opposed to creating works that look like someone else's. Practice. That's the way to gain more knowledge.

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