Want to replace Adobe Creative Cloud? Affinity has some of us covered.

Digital Republic - Mr. Bubbles. Vector art, created using Affinity Designer on a SurfaceBook 2.

For the last few weeks I've been in the lab, going through Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. A deep dive to see what I could do with the applications since Affinity Publisher was officially released a couple of weeks ago. The goal has always been to replace the trinity of Adobe Creative's standard applications (Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign). The results have been really good, great actually. Even better, Affinity Designer, Publisher and Photo aren't leased software. In other words, there's no subscription needed. All the applications are priced reasonably (less than $100 each) and you own them. This is compared to Adobe Creative applications which could cost over $600 for each back when they were actually being sold. Today, not only is Adobe's applications not for sale, Adobe threatens legal action if you're caught using older versions of their applications (https://fstoppers.com/legal/adobe-customers-using-old-software-threatened-legal-action-company-battle-dolby-369032).

Thankfully, Serif's Affinity applications are really good, capable of fantastic, high end results and for good prices. For example, Affinity Publisher is available on the Windows 10 store right now for $50. For those that are on iPads, Affinity Photo and Designer are available on those as well giving even more flexibility for working and learning. Adobe Creative applications aren't available on mobile devices. There are derivatives but they don't compare to the desktop counterparts or Affinity applications.

Personally, I feel leasing software is evil and said this many times in the past. If I can avoid it, I will never support it. The idea of spending money on tools that you can never legally own and legit consumers are punished with not being able to continue working if they do not continue to pay for the subscription, sucks. It's a sad trend that exploded in movie streaming, music streaming and soon, game streaming. The idea of ownership is becoming lost. On a side note, movie streaming like Netflix was easier to swallow because the subscription price is so low. But when we're talking about creative tools, the price of entry is much higher. Also, we're talking about the ability for people to learn and work being held hostage in a increasingly competitive world that favors people with money but less talent over people with talent but less money. By comparison, Netflix and similar services that are just for entertainment, having no lasting value beyond that. Digital tools actually matter.

Digital Republic - The Horizon V.2. The illustration was created using ArtRage 5, it was then edited in Affinity Designer with the background design also being created in Affinity Designer with the layout being completed in Affinity Publisher.

To be fair, Adobe is the standard in digital creative tools when it comes to graphic design, publishing, video editing and more. There are very good reasons why almost every company dealing in creative industry swears by their tools. But as in all things, times change. I'd rather support Serif and any developer that's built good tools for good prices, without a subscription.

*Speaking of great digital tools that don't require a subscription, ArtRage 6 has released and I'm in the process of testing it. I'll update the blog about it once I finish in the lab.

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