UBiv Tnomal

January 2021

A few key points that 2020 brutally reminded us of.

Be honest with yourself otherwise you'll never be honest with anyone else.

Never hire anyone who isn't qualified for the needed position.

"Alternative facts" is simply another way to say "lying."

Racism and bigotry aren't patriotic, they're evil.

Ignorance should never be uplifted as a virtue.

Divide and conquer is the tactic used when those without vision are terrified of those with vision.

Words have power but it's what we do that ultimately defines us.

It really is better to be hated for what you are as opposed to being loved for what you clearly are not.


I'd like to take a moment to talk about my father, due to the fact that none of the work presented here would be possible without him. My father was an artist but ultimately stopped pursuing it because he had a family to support. Unfortunately, he received absolutely no support for his craft from my mother or anyone from our horribly dysfunctional family. To his credit, my father held on for as long as he could. The last works I remember him completing were a mural painting of Popeye and Olive Oil in my sisters' bedroom in our old house, to still finding time to fill a sketchbook with drawings even though he was working full time. It was my father's old sketchbook that inspired me to spend a lifetime pursuing mastery of the craft.

As a young man my father sacrificed a lot to provide for his family. More than he's ever been given credit for. One of those sacrifices was his art. Fortunately, he continued to create long enough for his work to inspire the next generation before he called it quits. It isn't fair to my father if I receive recognition for my work but he is ignored in the process. It's popular to uplift a woman's sacrifices for her children, even if those sacrifices are manufactured or grossly embellished. Positive men, especially positive Black men and their sacrifices are too often disregarded or ignored outright. Facts matter, the truth matters and if Trump and his pathetic administration has reminded us of anything, it's this. The truth can't be avoided indefinitely and when the truth cuts, it cuts deep. Avoid it at your peril.

My father is pivotal in the creation of the works presented here. Without him, there is a good chance that this body of work wouldn't exist. Even if no one else cares to acknowledge that, I always will.

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