UBiv Tnomal

You know, I had a detailed creative write up for this section but decided to not go with it because when it's all said and done, no one cares. We have COVID-19 rocking the world, India is about to go to war with China, the White House is in a putrid state of idiocy and incompetence, the economy collapsed like a house of cards (except for various members of the rich fraternity), police brutality still runs rampant regardless of protesters screaming for better. Maybe the protesters didn't notice that this isn't new? It has been a problem for Black people in America for four centuries. Black Lives Matter, definitely, but good luck getting the powers that be to accept that. If they refused to accept that fact over 400 years, I doubt they're going to accept it now.  Nat Turner wasn't wrong.

I experience racism everyday just like every other Black person in America. The only thing worse than being Black in America is being Black and being good at what you do. Then the racists REALLY hate you.